China now sends more students overseas than any other countries in the world. For Chinese students, the United States is on the top of their destinations of studying abroad. For both undergraduate and graduate students, two to four years here means a lot of money and determination. Most of the Chinese students pay their own tuition and fees, and some of them are struggling against culture shock and disillusion. Still, more students are coming to the States, regardless of the difficulties they might encounter.

What drives so many students to flock to the States? What are their aspirations? What are the implications of this trend? What are the culture differences they discover and how do they cope with them? How do American students and professors think of them and the diversity they bring… This blog will not only probe into the trend of Chinese students studying in the USA, digging out the factors, consequences and impacts, but lead you into the world of their community and lives, telling their stories of both happiness and anxieties.

This blog is a project of my Digital News and Social Media class under Professor Lynne Perri. But it is more than a blog. It is the home of warmth for Chinese students who are studying in the USA. It is the window of exotic for Americans who wish to know about China and their young people.  It is the platform of understanding, communication, and culture exchange.

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